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These jars are filled with highly absorbent crystals, color and fragrance. Open the lid and remove insert top and place in a small sized room, and the fragrance will freshen the room. These are also perfect to spoon some onto your wax melt burner. 

As the water evaporates from the crystals, fragrance will be released into the air. Eventually, there will only be hard crystals and fragrance oil in the bottom. Then the jar can be recharged by refilling the jar with distilled water. Each fragrance will behave differently, but the jar should last several cycles of dehydrating and rehydrating.

Perfect for car cup holders, wax melt burners, bathrooms, nurseries, kitchen, classroom, office, or anywhere you could use a beautiful scent, but don't want the hassle of a flame or don't have access to electricity. This can even be used in a potpourri warmer for a stronger throw by adding just a small scoop to the warmer or place near another heat source.

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