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just a dude candle co.

The Sanderson Sisters

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About this Candle- The cauldron bubbles, the magic begins, as the hair on your neck rises like needles and pins. A tincture of love or a mysterious curse? You're compelled to find out, for better or worse. Expecting a potion so foul and unruly, you're pleased to find auras of bayberry, woods and patchouli! Boiling and churning, the tonic froths and quarrels; enchantment fills the air with the essence of florals. A dash of vanilla forms a bewitching mixture, so sweetly seductive for an alluring elixir! Double double toil and trouble, the spell is complete as it ceases to bubble.

    About this Product-Candles are hand-poured into a classic mason jar with our signature kraft label and rustic lid. This candle is ready to be recycled & up-cycled after enjoyment. As always, a clean empty Just A Dude's jar can be used to hold just about anything.

    Made in the USA

    Wax info: 100% all natural American grown soy wax

    The 4 ounce candle has an approximate burn time of 25+ hours

    The 8 ounce candle has an approximate burn time of 60+ hours

    The 16 ounce candle has an approximate burn time of 120+ hours


    Just A Dude candles are hand poured from 100% soy coconut wax. Our candles have no additional additives. As the customer, you are getting exactly what you bought.The wax in our mason jar candles are exactly what we say, 100% soy coconut wax.

    Each of our candles are handmade in small batches so that they are given the proper care they deserve.

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    Care Instructions

    Maintenance: Your wick should be trimmed to ¼ inch prior to every single burn. This ensures proper burning. The first time you burn your candle, burn it for a few hours. Soy wax has a memory, so the first burn is important in making sure you have a proper melting pool.

    Reuse: When your candle has ½ inch of wax remaining, fill with boiling water until the wax reaches the surface. Remove the wax and wash the container. Feel free to reuse in any way.

    Because of the nature of the natural soy, your candle may develop some frosting and/or wet spots on the side of the jar due to temperature change but it will not affect the burning or scent of the candle.